Welcome, California Dental Society Members!

Kleer’s in-house and employer membership plan platform is designed to help practices of all shapes and sizes maximize the value of their uninsured patient base and acquire new fee-for-service patientsdriving top-line revenue growth across your practice.

Kleer is proud to work with California Dental Societies

Kleer Consumer Care

Powering your membership plan with Kleer makes building, managing, and scaling your in-house plan across your practice easy — helping you connect with patients and drive overall results for your practice.

When compared to other uninsured patients, Kleer-powered membership plan patients:

  • Visit 2-3X more
  • Generate 1.7X more hygiene revenue
    (avg. increase of $120/patient)
  • Accept 2.3X more treatment
    (avg. increase of $520 per patient)
  • Generate 2.1X more overall production
    (avg. increase of $642 per patient)


Kleer Employee Care

Kleer Employee Care takes your dental membership plans to the next level — empowering your practice to offer subscription-based dental benefits directly to local employers, with no insurance middleman in the way.

  • Attract new, long-term, fee-for-service patients
    Kleer Employee Care is a superior dental benefit that not only brings new, long-term, fee-for-service patients to your practice — it also helps these patients visit more, accept more treatment, create more production, and generate more revenue.
  • Generate cash flow for your practice
    Create a reliable, recurring revenue stream with dental benefit subscriptions that are paid directly to your practice by employers and their employees.


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