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Kleer’s cloud-based membership plan platform helps practices like yours focus on your patients while still being in control of driving top-line revenue growth. Our platform is designed to help practices of all shapes and sizes to maximize the value of their uninsured patient base and acquire new fee-for-service patients.

Kleer Consumer Care

Powering your membership plan with Kleer makes building, managing, and scaling your in-house plan across your practice easy — helping you connect with patients and drive overall results for your practice.

When compared to other uninsured patients, Kleer-powered membership plan patients:

  • Visit 2-3X more
  • Generate 1.7X more hygiene revenue
    (avg. increase of $120/patient)
  • Accept 2.3X more treatment
    (avg. increase of $520 per patient)
  • Generate 2.1X more overall production
    (avg. increase of $642 per patient)


Kleer Employee Care

Kleer Employee Care takes your dental membership plans to the next level — empowering your practice to offer subscription-based dental benefits directly to local employers, with no insurance middleman in the way.

  • Attract new, long-term, fee-for-service patients
    Kleer Employee Care is a superior dental benefit that not only brings new, long-term, fee-for-service patients to your practice — it also helps these patients visit more, accept more treatment, create more production, and generate more revenue.
  • Generate cash flow for your practice
    Create a reliable, recurring revenue stream with dental benefit subscriptions that are paid directly to your practice by employers and their employees.


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