Fight the Fear: How to Successfully Transition PPOs Out of Your Practice


The dental care system is broken! Insurers control everything—access, treatment, pricing and payment. We want that to change. As an ally to the dental industry and an advocate for patients who want simple, affordable oral care, Kleer is leading a movement to liberate dental care.

Watch on-demand as Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson from Productive Dentist Academy unpack and analyze the real-world strategies Dr. Chad Johnson used to carve his practice’s path away from PPOs. If you want to be healthier and happier in your practice, watch the playback of the webinar for a transparent conversation about navigating PPOs and a deeper dive into:

  • The fear of change vs. the reality of fee-for-service 
  • Getting buy in from your team and patients
  • Strategies to consider: timelines, plans, and preparation
  • Unique, bold ideas for discussing the changes with patients
  • Is this an option for your practice?

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