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Your foundation for a successful in-house membership plan

Ready to see how a Kleer-powered membership plan can transform your practice?

Powering your membership plan with Kleer makes building and managing your practice’s in-house plan easy — helping you connect with your patients and drive results for your practice

  • Increase treatment acceptance by 2X
  • Create 2.1X more overall production
  • Generate 2X more revenue

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Are you a patient looking to sign up for Kleer?

Better serve your uninsured patients, increase your production, grow your revenue — and set your practice up for long-term success.

Build a custom care plan that maximizes patient and practice value.

  • Offer multiple plans customized to fit the needs of both your practice and your patient base
  • Ensure that your pricing is as profitable — and competitive — as possible with Kleer's SmartPricing tool

Track your revenue and manage your in-house dental plan easily and in real time.

  • Measure practice performance and track recurring revenue and deposits to your bank account
  • Monitor member activity, enrollments, and payments
  • Improve administrative efficiency with patient self-service tools

Grow your membership plan with Kleer’s unmatched Growth Services.

  • Invite and enroll patients quickly and easily
  • Promote member savings with Kleer's comprehensive marketing toolkit
  • Get all access support from Kleer's Success and Growth teams to maximize your membership plan results

Kleer membership plan patients are more engaged, accept more treatment, and generate more revenue than other uninsured patients.


more production


more treatment


more hygiene

If a practice is on the fence about joining Kleer, don’t hesitate any further. They will show you exactly what to do to increase revenue for your practice. We’ve earned over $43,000 [in recurring revenue] already!

—Krista Smith, Office Manager, Powell Dental Group

Schedule a demo with us today to see how Kleer can help you double treatment acceptance, production, and revenue!